A good Leader will lead well,  and others will follow.th


Something should be guiding you,

The voice in you ,the Need of your People.

We all have a moral voice ,

No teacher can be better than you.


Teach yourself to be a good leader.


Leadership role means taking responsibility,

Let your People crown you with praises,

Have the interest of your People at heart.


Lead and let others follow you,

Let your deed talk for you;

Ignore not the voice of your People,

Sacrifice not their interest for any



Dont force beliefs on your  People ,

Because you have the power,

Dont Forget ,

You were there by choice of your People.


They choosed a leader and not a dictator,

A moral leader and not a corrupt leader,

Stability and not Terror and intimidation,

Character and not a dubious leader.

Transparency and not secrecy,


Improvement and not destruction

A leader for ALL and not a dictator,

You were not there by accident


You were chosen;

You should inspire,

You were chosen,

You should rebuild ,

You were chosen

You should respect

Encourage , be Kind , honest

And serve the many .

Leaders Lead well and others will follow-