BEEFTA Award winner Vivian Timothy  discovered something that just needed to be created : Art-Unleashed just pulled into it .




Art-Unleashed Vivian Timothy whose artwork is streamed through God , will be exhibiting and displaying her love for Africa  at Konigsbrünn, Marktplatz 7 Augsburg , on the 1st of August 2016 , at 19.00,( Vernissage ), opening ceremony .

2nd of August – 31st  of August is opened to public Views .  Please  Come and   see creativity and  supreme love  for  African culture and heritage . Art-Unleashed creating thoughts into Images.

An art with a voice for the broken, the oppressed and the repressed.



She will be Using  her  Artistic Talents to speak and revive her culture and heritage .



Art-Unleashed you were Born an original Artist, stay Artist  and continue to revive African voices.

Be a part of This artistic World. Sure you wont regret it.