I am made up of memories , so you are.

I am part of Evolution , so you are

Discriminate no more , otherwise

There will be no hope for future.


No years of development shall take away

The truth of man´s origin ,

And no  amount of torture or killing shall

Suppress the fact of Evolution.


All human are one ,

Emanated from ape,

Got to high degree of man .


It annoys me the way human mind think,

Works and discriminate others  .


Oh  !you who think the world

Belongs to you !.

Wake up, evolve and revolve

Remenber evolution.


Evolution is not discrimination,

It is historic descent of man ,

An attempt to make human equal.


For  ” The Cosmos is within us.

We are made star-stuff.

We are a way for the universe

To know itself “- Carl Sagan.


We evolved from one stuff .