” Keep God first chase your dreams , and everything will pay off “- Tinie Tempath. The Lady who unleashed the art behind realising a dream. Vivian Timothy is an art that leashed with hard work and perseverance.


Be an active force,

Think great , live your dreams.

Take Charge of your life

Confront your destiny,

Design your life !.


Live your dreams ,

And make your world

It is going to be ,

But you have to love to do



Dare it , you will make it ,

Light your candle and make it burn,

Unleash your Talent ,

You have the tools,


Art-unleashed , the star that

Is self-made,

The Lady with African Accent,

With stories of ,

Hardship and stumbles,


The journey of many years ,

A dream come true.


Live your dreams ,

Let the future be seen in you ,

Clear your mind,

Make yourself great,


You have the Talent

Do all you can to make your

Dreams ,


” The world Needs great inspires,

Who will encourage every living

Soul to reach their highest potentials.

You can be one.”- Laila Gifty Akita.


Art-unleashed ,in making meaning  of lives

and impacting lives.