Young talented  Art-unleashed  Vivian Timothy , uses her artwork to add colour to her life .

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Bring meaning to your life ,

Discover not your meaning

After death ,


Seek deeply ,search   some hidden

Mysterious realm of the contrary ,

There lies your answers.


Check out  !.

Humanity will offer you the answers

Remain in this process,

For it is a Long life journey .


Dont only live to   exist ,

Be an Artist,Color your life ,

And wait not so Long.


When you  slumber , endeavour

To fight  back and you will conquer,


Journey of life,

Differ from Person to Person,

Live your life now, fully and creatively

As you can, and should .


When in doubt look unto

Yourself to know the meaning of life

Bring meaning to your life,


Cloud not your way,

Enjoy and use your Moment

Positively .


Time is not our friend ,

So like an Artist ,

Color your life .


Wait not for

Others to Color your life.

Color your own life.