” remember the greatest gift in life is to be remembered  ” – Ken Venturi-  Choose your Color, live a life in the way you would want to be remembered Life and death are real


Metaphors have been used to  describe life and death, among them is ” death as being powerful,the enemy never seen, the mighty and  the brutal .

Come to think of it , life and death are a part of life

God created us, life and death  as well. We are born to live, grow old and die, or even die young.

However we must learn to appreciate our short stay on earth , and take the journey of life with faith . Some live long, some short, and even days .

Death is an unpleaseant and is ever unwelcome in our midst ., it is seen in man`s eyes as the worst calamities of mankind .

Yes it is terrible and strikes hard on those left behind .  It will come when it will, and when it does , our hearts are broken and the world ceases to be a happy place

Some people accomplish much in a short period , while some search for their purpose for a  life long.

Most at times, it does not often matter how long we live or spent on earth, rather what good and how good we lived  , and what Color we made out of life  .

Imagine a world without death  !.

As long as you are alive , your mission is not over .Death is not the necessary  end of life , yes the physical body ceases to be , but the spirit lingers.

So live your life with color, leave a positive print behind  and let the world remember you for being good.