Not a day goes by since your departure

Without me remenbering your smiles ,

We Love you , my Family Loves you



I just wish you were here again

So I could tell you  how

Much the world needed

Your character..


I know everyone get sad Feelings,

Get hopeless and feel hopeless,

But we are just left  with empty Feelings .


Like a Shooting star

So fast, so quick,

You were gone too soon


We cherish and remember the

Time we spent with you,

Your life leaves a message for the world,

You inspired , humbled and

Was friend to ALL within your short stay .


Those who met you know what am talking


Today I feel both tears and headache ,

I pray God console your parents

And ALL who knew you .


Ngo, we will miss you now and forever,

Your Memory will remain with us,


Ngo !,  as  I look towards Heaven ,

Wishing  I could still say goodbye to YOU,

Before your final journey on Friday .


They say  live  life everyday  as if

It were a last day , do we live  like that!.


Ngo your death left so many questions

Open, so many heart-Broken –


I know our lives will one day

Come to an end !

In Heaven we shall

Meet again .


As you journey finally home

On Friday ,May The Angels

Guide you to-

The gate of Heaven and hand

You over to God,


Goodbye my Rose ,

Goodbye Ngo,

Gone too soon!

Rest IN Peace , Amen .

We will miss you forever.