Live your life  , do your Thing,

Be not at the mercy of anyone,

You can do it , don’t give “You” to others,


You can strive without them

Be constant ,

Work hard !


Live your opinion,

Be yourself

Depend on you and not on “OTHERS  “.

You will not be crushed,


If you depend on others,

You may be failed or get crushed,

Because they will never always

Be faithful to your Needs,

Do your Thing,

Go your way, that is your road,


Not for anyone else .

Think for yourself,

Do it for yourself ,

Give yourself time,

Be patient with you,

Even when not perfect,

Keep on doing it for YOU !


Learn and go as far as you can.

Believe in you  and belong to

Yourself ,

Do it yourself ,

For you are all you have  .