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” A woman is like tea bag you can´t tell how strong she is until you put her in a hot water “- Eleanor Roosevelt – . Art-unleashed , Vivian Timothy unleashing the creative power of women  through her artwork .

If you think we have a Society that is functioning without the rural women , i urge you to rethink again.

It is worth mentioning that for future reference , that the creative power lies in women, when These powers are suppressed , a Nation crumbles as it is with African Nation at the Moment .

These voices functioned in the past, Held  Families strong, served as a back bones of any strong economy.

Today, These voices are suppressed , marginalised and depressed .

Susan B. Anthony woman suffrage movement ” We are nothing , You or me , until we hear These voices again.

” No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or Mother , if it is both , he is twice blessed , “- Godfrey Winn.

These goes to African and sub-African countries, no Nation Comes Forward without These nature´s gift, ” Rural African Women “.

Encourage and revive them , tell them not to give up their Determination, their contributions are wonderful for the growth of every African Nation .

Abigail Adams once wrote her husband John Adams while he was off to the men writing constitution , ” remember the ladies and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors , `what if he had listened to her , and women had been made citizens at that time ? .

And what if African leaders had respected and sustained the rural African women  then ? , may be Things would not have been this  bad . Households-families-Agriculture-economy and a sane stable Nation would have been the order today, unfortunately, Africa is in chaos and burning, with grumbling economy  . Why ? because the strong hold of African economy is long forgotten.

We may be safe and comfortable wherever we are , inside us is this emptiness, aloneness, doubts , regrets  and pains to see the world today, languishing in the Hands of  some few men in  power.

Eliminate barriers against women  especially in some sectors, raise their participation in Agriculture by equipping them with better skills and encouraging their Talents.

Give household Control back to them , by allowing them Combine child-bearing and their earnings , Families will benefit and children will be sane again .

As Long as rural women are not empowered  in  economic, political as well as social sectors , African Nation will continue to suffer in the Hands of men`s  dictatorship  , whose interests are elsewhere .  Stabilising  improving economic growths will continue to elude their Agenda  .

In India for example , giving power to women have led to greater Provision of public goods – such as water and sanitation that mattered  most to women  ( Beaman & others , 2011 ).

Why not in Africa ? .

Rural women household- agriculture -Market- Economy – These chain will lead to a more stable economy of any Nation, especially africa .

Unfortunately , Rural women still face sizeable poverty , exclusion , live in remote Areas , belong to ethnic Groups and are still suffering  under religious discriminations and disabilities .


Policy Makers : I speak directly to you ,

For we speak not only for us here ,

But for those without a voice ,

Those who have fought for families

Communities , and nations ,

Those Backbones of Africa´s economy


Rights and voice should be for everyone,

But not for few men and leaders,

Treat them with dignity , equality

Give them their right place ,

Their right to be heard ,

For they deserve to be heard .


Dont let justice silence These voices ,

For their voices matter most in any Nation,

Otherwise evil will continue to prevail and Triumph.


WE are giving the rural women  a voice in this debate,

To make them know that they are not alone,

As we urge power put back in their Hands ,

Gaps closed between men and women,

Equal opportunity and elimination

Of Segregation and downgrading of

rural women .


” Whatever women do  they must do twice

as well as men to be thought half as good ,luckily

it is not difficult ” – Charlotte Whitten -, Mayor of Ottawa -.

Women can do it better !.