” Power is so characteristically calm, That calmness in itself has the aspect of strength “.- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton-. Practice calm, Things will even work out better than you ever imagine .


In life  we will win  ,

And   we will also lose ,


Challenges must come ,

That will shake your faith,

You will suffer anguish ,

Pain , Frustration and

Even loneliness.


Practice calm for this will

lead you to making the right

Decisions .


Dont lose your sanity,

Even when you are not winning ,

Even when in storm,

Keep calm,


Dont Worry !

Challenge yourself,

Practice calm !

This is the best you

Can do for yourself .


There is no harm

Meditate, concentrate,

Worry less , and be focused,


Concentrate  be mindful,

Find your calm ! things will sure

work out .



” Remain Calm, serene, always

In command of yourself . You will then find

out how easy it is to get along “.- Paramahansa Yogananda -.