” Tears are the noble language of the eyes , and when true love of world is destitute.

The eyes by tears speak , while the tongue is mute  “.- Robert Herrick -.



These are tears that are not easy to stop,

Words of sorrow that the mouth can’t express !

Heavy for the  broken heart to bear.


The world weep  !

Some with invisible tears,

While some with Tears  dropping ,


People are mourning ,

Every Minute someone is dead

Or killed,


This time !  Jo cox a British

Politician   was killed !.


Why ?

Questions are being asked everyday  ! .

Why this Person and why that Person,


Tears are shed  everyday,

For those slaughtered either by Terror,

Or by mad hateful Groups.


Heaven knows how heavy they eyes are

The world Grieve again ,

Hearts are wounded,


Will there  ever be  healing ?,

They kill and we cry,

And who can stop These mad Killers ?


It is  hard time for the world ,

The hardest time of grief ever ,

No one is safe , and no place is safe  !.


If they are not carrying bombs ,

They have  knives and guns  ,


They live in our midst ,

And Play good citizens ,

While  in their hearts lies

Evil  !.


They kill and cause mass tears  !.


You think you know them,

The next time they are parading

As mad men ,

With hatred  to  kill.



Stop These killings and stop These

People causing ” invisible tears ”  –

Enough is Enough  !!!!.