People wished Football Season come,

When it does People were  happy ,

Because Sport has always carried a peaceful

message ,


A force that has united People,

Spoken one language that gave joy,

People clapped, rejoiced and danced,

Fans were sympathetic and not brutal.


In the past  !

People have enjoyed the

Act of playing and watching football,

The act of winning and losing,

No one was murdered, killed or injured

Because of losing,


Today Sport especially football

Have ceased to speak the  language of

Joy, peace and unity that made

All winners and losers  think and feel alike .


Winning is good,

But be prepared to lose too,

It is all about Football and not war.


Not about exercising power

Or settling old scores,

Play Football and don’t make war.


It is Football and not a Wrestling ring,

Build relationships and enjoy

The game and not the fight.


Afterall ” Winning is Habit,

Unfortunately is losing “- Vince Lombardi Jr.