What is the purpose of life ,

If not to live and reach out to

others  ! .


We all are created to perform good,

And make a difference,


The world is a stage

Where everyone has a role to Play,

Live out your purpose,

Choose your  role model .


Whether we like it or not  we ,

All have different purpose on earth,

To be good, useful and

Make positive differences.


On the stage of life !,

There  will always be  good and bad roles

Whatever, be intentional,

And choose your role model.


We all have contributions to make

In life  ,


Choose which role to Play,

It is all for you ! .

Dont Forget you are the one

on Focus.


Everyone is watching to

See you Play your roles,

Choose your role,


Choose  a good role model,

That will make you bring out

The best in you .


God gave us all  amazing gifts

Gifts of purpose .


Be a role model,

Follow your model,

Choose your good model.


In everything you do Show your best

If you can’t find your match,

Be a role model .


You are not to have all ideas

But you can choose a better idea,

That will influence other people`s  lives .


Is all about you,

Not about the voice asking you

To kill, to steal, or destroy .


Beware of this callings

They will lead you to doom

Let go of that voice ,

Choose your model


Afterall ” The purpose of our life

is to contribute in some way to making Things better “.

– Robert F. Kennedy