” Everytime  I  Close the doors on reality it Comes through the Windows “.- Jennifer Yane-.


We walk sometimes with our inner eyes

Closed,our  sense blocked , reality faded.

We pretend  about  Things that matter,

While plunging  into Fantasy ,

And parading with Imaginations.


Things are Happening everyday,

Both good and bad,

People are dying everyday,

Souls are lost, misused and maltreated.


Every single Soul that departs this

Earth brings us closer to reality,

The truth that life is short,

Is real , and not a fairy tale .


Many have died , both Young and old,

Money  can not buy life for the rich and elites,

When the time comes .


Muhammad Ali recognised the power of God

Eternity is real check it out .

We don’t own nothing,

What happens after ? .


Neither Money , Name nor Religion will save us,

Fighting to kill others in the name of religion,

Chasing people out of their homes will

Not help on the last days,

What can we do to avoid condemnation!


Eternity is real and Hell is also real,

Listen , read and understand,

Dont think we are noise makers,

Check it out,

Eternity is real


Dont dream, get your inner self changed,

What you can , do  it now,

For Reality can not be exchanged .


Atrocity  have taken the face of the Earth

The world is wallowing in darkness ,

Earth is shaking, Religion is mocked .


Evil has taken over ,


Dont Forget a visit to Sahara desert

A test of hell,

Muhammad Ali said it all,

Perhaps a visit there will not be a wrong idea

For all these Killers, corrupt men and women,


Will you risk it,

Check out reality

Fight for eternity .

Get ready to meet God


Wake up , it is reality,

A real world  full of ups and downs,

Good and Bad,

With Killers and non-killers

Day-dreamers and  no  realists .


You Killers someone will punish you,

Do all you can now ,

God is watching us ALL .


He is not praising you for killing ,

For deceiving and using religion to kill,


Make peace  and not war ,

Preach justice and not injustice.

Check out for Realty, before it is too late.