”  This rough pathway will sure take you to your destination, so don’t quit,

it   is your pathway  ”  -.


Roads have bends,

Could be rough and not straight,

Dont Forget !

That is the Beauty of it .


On your path road,

You are sure to meet challenges,

Get tired ,  desire to quit,get mocked

and gossiped .


Keep on Walking

Keep going  ,

Learn persistence  .


Every Artist will tell you this,

We all are artists Walking on

Rough Canvasses .


Roads are made before we were


They were never intended to be  smooth,

Some with holes,

Bridges, mountains  and gallops .


Every journey requires a pathway

We all  travel our pathways

During our journeys ,


Rough roads can lead to

Falls and stumbles  .


You may fail, fall , not once and not twice,

Prepare to  rise again to walk at your pace ,

And be ready not to give up .


When you fall,

Dont Point fingers at anyone,

There are no enemies on the way,

You are the only one on this journey


Walk diligently,

It may take you years ,

Keep on moving


Dont leave God behind.

Because the going may get tough and stuck

At some stage ,


There may not be short cuts ,

Master your path,

Take your time even when you fall ,

Keep on Walking  until you

Get to your destinations ,


Life will give you some tough

Questions , difficult situations ,

You will seek for answers .


Wallow not in despair ,

Seek your answers,


Give not your journey up

Because you can’t be beaten,

If you are not ready to quit your journey,

For your rough path  will sure  get you to

a beautiful destination.