” Fall on your knees and grow there, , there is no burden of the Spirit but is lighter by kneeling under it. Prayer means not always talking to Him till the dust , but waiting before Him till the dust settles and the stream runs clear ” .- FB Mayer -.

Are you waiting on something,

To clear an issue , Have Problems solved

Hoping on something  ?.


Yes wait on Him, He worths all the waiting,

Wait on Him,

Listen to His voice  !

Run to Him , even though we think

As human,


You Need strength to sustain you

During the waiting period,

He will answer You,


Waiting on Him is not weakness,

It is not laziness and it may look



You will have doubts

Patience will fail you,


Listen to Him,

Go on your knees

It is not a burden,


He speaks, pray to hear Him,

When He speaks to you,

To recognise His voice , and do the right Thing.

He is God He has time to execute his works ,


He does not do Things quickly ,

But He will do it,

Not minding our weaknesses,


But it is at His own time ,

He is ever ready,

He worths waiting for,


Pray He will guide you,

Seek Him, you will find Him,

Ask Him He will give, but at

His own time .


Pray for a trusting and Patient attitude,

Rely on Him, He will teach you the best way,

Patience, for Patience will lead you

To Gods path,


For Patience is more about waiting in the Lord.

” Wait on the Lord,

Be of good Courage – He will

answer you but at His own time.


Learn to trust Him with your worries,

Problems , and cares .


Honour Him,  .

” What you can’t go through alone ,

with Him  ! ,

You will attain , even beyond,


Only learn to wait on Him, He worths

waiting for .