” The Ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in Moments of comfort and convenience , but where he stands at times of challenge and contemporary ” – Martin Luther King, Jr.-


What happens when a

Nation is ruled on lies  and not

Honesty and truth ?.


Life is not all about  lies ,

Truth sometimes hurt,

But must be told.


Man is not Born with lies

History  they said is an agreed lies,

Tell anything,

Promise anything,

Be anything ,


But beware to tell lies ,

For lies are like Cancer and

Can eat away souls ,


It is a crime to lie to you

And to lie to your People,

Are you governed or in Goverance,


When you stay by the truth,

Life is less complicated,

Because lies commits you,

And put you on a scale of

High committment .


You lied to your People,

Changed the meaning of Democracy

And made fantasies to make life

Unbearable for People ,


Ruling is about Meeting people´s Needs

Working towards maintaining

Stable and achieving

A meaningful Goal,


It is not about lying ,

It is about staying by the truth,

And being honest .


The ghost of  our  ancestors are watching you

No tribe is your enemy except you .


Live your dreams ,

Dont prove to your tribe, or religion

All you want is to tell the truth , be  honest

And stay by the truth.


Peoples´s opinion should matter to you .


The Moment you realise why you are there

Democratically elected ,

Not for one but for All  !.

If you practice this



We will be on the right side

of truth ,

Because truth , honesty  and not  lies will

produce a sane Nation  and the world will be

At peace  .


” So African leaders ! ” If you don `t

want to Keep on Messing Democracy ,

be on the side of Fairness and truth,

For truth will make People believe in  “YOU ” –

And your Government “- .