” Please God , make my words today sweet and tender , for tomorrow I may have to eat them “- Unknown source –


Words are free and have to

be learned ,

Learn the right  words and

learn to say the right Thing ,

At the right time.


Children copy and paste  !.


Misused words can lead

To wrong thoughts,

Pray for a sweet and tender words ,

For they are like pegs that

Hold our intentions and ideas .


Use words wisely ,

For Words are strong ,

And can be twisted  to suit

Any Moment.

They are overwhelming ,


Be wise, use them wisely ,

Because once out is hard to retrieve.


Words are power,

Be reasonable and they will

Turn out powerful  and

Become a weapon to conquer

Hardened hearts.


Use them well,

They  have the ability to pierce souls,

Help the stubborn and helpless ,

To create a positive world .


Words have the ability to

Wake those in slumber

And pull everyone to get going,


Use your words,

Choose your words,

Care for your words

They are powerful


They can enkindle fires ,

And can  also  soften a hard  situation,

Good words can bring  hard hearts  to tears.


Although they are just mere Words .

They can travel afar  because

They are like winds.


Choose what you say,

Good words means a lot

Bad words can increase your enemies

And worsen a Situation.

We live every Minute with


We breathe them and interact with them,


So be careful with  your words ,

For wrong choice of Words

Can hurt or save you,

Words can also reveal your minds


” For what you Keep by you ,

You may Change and mend,

but words once spoken , can never be recalled “- Wentworth Dillion –