” Be the best Version of you, do the right Thing, for God is watching you “.


Practice a good Government,

Dont stop  yearning

for good governance


Leaders   and the ruled desist your quest for   ” SELF ” ,

Take time to recharge.

And Question yourselves  ,

As to why  YOU and not The other PERSON

is  / was made a leader  ! .


African leaders powers are not for

You to dominate nor exercise wrongly,

Inspire your People,

Leave a good print ,

Even if it means doing something small at a time,


Be your own Version,and do not

Let Religion walk over you,

Otherwise history will repeat itself,


Stop looking for excuses for not

Being your best version

Focus on what you can do for

your People ,


Have good  reasons and planned Goals ,

Religion and Government are different bodies,

Stop wasting time on Religion,

You could use this time to Change the world


Every Religion has a representative,

Cling not on Religion,

And use no Religion as a reason why you failed

To do the right thing ,


Dont Forget , the Gods are watching you,

and history will tell your Story ,

Dont be your bad Version,

Give your best to your People and not your