One of  Vivian Timothy´s paintings .Vivian a Lover of Art with African heritage  speaking on Forgotten voices with her artwork. Literature never tires of exploring the charms  , qualities and voices of ”  a rural African woman “. Many artists like Vivian have used their paintings to describe the adrenalin powered specie and  poised the question of what have happened to  these  voices full of Vibrant and good skills . Where have they gone, our  rural African women , they heart  and pillar of African Nation, neglected and forgotten  . They need not be marginalised rather they need to be restructured into another dimension , where no man will segregate them . There is and will never be before, after , no nostalgia or anticipation of future  without them.  Acclaim them, revive them , they are a nation’s economy and brain behind a successful economy . Please their clocks and skills should not be silenced in the grip of  bad Leadership.

” Forgotten Women of Honour ”


One of the delightful species  without end .

Always on the move , improving daily on her skills,


These  exhilarating voices  were once the pillar

of  nations ,

They were Brains, and heart of every economy

They impacted  the  universe ,

Exhibited hard work,loyalty and  dedication.


They had interesting stories that were

once  told  ,

Men borrowed their brains in the past,

And economy flourished .


They are human and  should not be

relegated to anatomy ,

Religion or culture.


They are tough, strong ,energizing  .

Endowed with nature`s terrible Task of

Pain , Segregation,  discrimination

and marginalization  .


These voices  are Long buried

Forgotten  and lost in  the wake of  culture

And man-made  religion .


Beauty and pride of Africa ,

Hope and  Epitome of hard work ,

Rich in Knowledge , power ,.

With touch  , genueity and efforts .

How could you have been forgotten ?


You who possessed  great reverence

Had skills and  ideas to bring a  Nation

Forward .


You who have a voice that used silence more

Than words  when the Center can not

hold again ,


A nation`s  Backbone   !.

Good organisers and  Multitasking .

Bringing  Solutions  when all hopes are lost.


Millions depended on You ,

For continuity ,

With bare Hands fabrics have been transformed

Into stuffs for clothing .


Farm works you  have done  ,

While men endures pains ,

You accepted pains as heritage .


Are we going to let this voices down !

And let them be lost completely ?.


A Nation once depended  so much on them

for Family,to feed and raise children .


Acclaim These women  , life will be revitalised ,

and Nation will flourish again .


They are African´s natural phenomena

with natures power and Beauty ,


Do this and see what happens

Time will become fulfilled,

Air grows again .

Mankind will be revived

Men will know their duties ,

Children will have their places.


And peace will be restored on

African soil .



” The world has never yet seen a truly  great and virtuous Nation

because in the Degradation of woman the very foundations of life are poised

at their source  “- Lucretia Mott –