One of Vivian Timothy´s  paintings ( Chibok face )  .  They wanted to be children , they terrorists robbed them of their childhood.  They were the future of Nigeria, they pride of a Family. Over night the stripped them of their dreams, their hopes and their belief in Nigeria, this is one of the faces robbed  and stripped over night. They were kidnapped as children and will never come back as children. Keep on spreading the message ” Bring our Girls back “-


They were innocent virgins,

Children , in early maturity ,

They wanted to grow as  normal children.

Over night they stopped being children .


Their Childhood  were stolen and misused ,

Perspectives destroyed and dream stopped.


They will never grow up to be  normal again ,

No more quirks and no more secrets ,

No future ,and no youth for them again,

Their childhood have been stolen forcefully.


Kidnapped as a child and came back as a mother.


You cant give them back what you have stolen ,

You cant repair the damage inflicted on them ,

Weep for you and mourn your  terrible deeds,

Bad Thing you have done to these

Children, their Families , Nation  and the world at large.


They will never do those childood things

That made them a child , all because of you Terror ,


You came in this  night  and robbed them

Of their  childhood, their security  their trust and

their innocency ,

All gone on this  one night 15/04/14 .


They will never be the same again,

They are thorn traumatised and intimidated.


In this  one night carefree childhood  was robbed ,

Stolen and stripped .

They wanted to be children,and normal children.


Who wanted education and make a difference ,

They Pirde of a Nation  ,

This you  uprooted in one night ,

Future Generation demolished ,


These you have stolen and wiped out  all in one


They wanted to be normal children.,

Now you have robbed them of their childhood,





Where is our giant  Nigeria  ?,

Where is our pride , our green White green

Our peace and tranguility  !

Faded !


I weep for you Nigeria , I pray for you Nigeria .

Will there ever be you again our onetime

pride !.


A Nation endowed and blessed

with natural resources  ,

But have choosen the way of corruption,

And have continuously stolen from its People.


Today confused , tomorrow  in chaos.

People work but are not rewarded,

Strike today , strike tomorrow,

Economy Fading .


A Nation rich with oil but  hoard oil

An oil rich Nation that can not boast of

regular power supply ,


Waste litter , Drainage standstll ,

Wealth in few Hands , and poverty in many

Hands ,


Millions are wasted and  littered on the street

People steal and are rewarded  ,


Children are kidnapped and are lost

Forever, gone like the wind ,


Where is my Nation !,

Which way are you heading  us to ?,


Workers are not paid, Hospitals are like

Market places,No insurance ,

Except death insurance ,


Structures are errected without plans ,


Where is the Nigeria that we hailed

The rich Nigeria that has all, but can only

Give out to few .

People are dying , youths are wasting

Nation is detriorating  .


Come to our aid oh Lord , rescue the people .

Give us Little ray of hope ,

Have mercy on our People .

Nigeria is in chaos .