Writing  my big escape in my dark Moments. ” These are the days that must come , when the day finally come as they would , Keep on marching , get sad and get creative , most at times , difficult Moments like this lead to a rosy end .


When something sad happens

to you,

You are sure going to get sad, cry and drop

heads in hopelessness.


If you look at the dark Moment

Think of a word , fight, be creative

And Keep on matching .


It may look hard to deal with

Frustrations may crawl in ,

doubts and blames and whys !

Try and  make sense of your dark Moment ,


Get more immersed ,

Think creatively

For creativity emerges from

Dark Moments.


Dont turn away from it,

Dont hang low ,

Use it positively .


Dont judge yourself

Dont be too hard on yourself

Dont sink in your dark moments

Engage yourself with art, writing or

Other creative works


Dont overemphasize,

Dont look for pity

Dark Moments have  therapeutic touch .


Get involve,

Be creative

Take a deep breadth .


No Suppression ,

Be up again ,

Dont turn it away,

Use positively

Keep your eyes up,


Dont drown in your dark Moments

In difficult time ,

Use properly

In hard time be

Positive ,

For your dark Moment

May lead you to a positive Destination,


Creativity flows in Moment of sadness

So be creative in dark Moments.