Love is give and take, ! make your home habitable ! . Happy mothers day my dear Mother-in-law.


Mama ! my dear mother-in-law,

A day like this and everyother day

reminds me of  how  lucky I am  .


You are my treasure and I love you

like my dear mother,

You have shown me love

have adored and cared for me,

You wait at the door to welcome me

from work, like a mother waits for her child .


You tarry to make Food for me,

and give my Relations a homely Feeling.

You wash my clothes and treats me

like your daughter,


Why should I not call you Mama,

You   exhibits  a sincere true love

That have no distinction and discrimination ,


Colour  and race is  for you out of question,

You gave me all you have ,

And have made  my home rosy


I am greateful

My sweet mother-in-law

I owe you  daughterly care ,

I pray you be healthy and live Long.

I love you more than you could



You are rare and I hold you in esteem,

Thank you Mama ! sweet  mother -in-law.


Happy mothers day !.