Mama we love you, but we have to say goodbye, to let you continue your journey. Rest in peace Mama.

” Tears cant mend our broken hearts only death`s warm touch  ”

– Lachrymose and Lies –  .


Mama you are too still and queit ,

The air is still and calm ,

I see only Faces with bold writings ,

A reminder that life and

death  a pole apart ,


I feared this day ,

I dreaded this day,

But this day has come,

I wish I could cry this day away,

The reality that today is here

Has thorn me apart,

It will never be the same



You have lived a remarkable life,

You were also human,

You made your mistakes too,


You once were human, did all,

Commanded, and planned your Things,

Today you are lying so still , a Spirit, a Body ,

In a casket and to be interred in a six-foot

Portion that will forever be for your Body  .


So is life for us

You asked yourself,

If all the Troubles of living ALife truely worth it,

Your  Body  is dead  Mama,

But your Spirit  exists and

lives forever .


Here we are Mama  ,

With Hands raised  towards heaven

To  wave Goodbye to  you our Ezinne ,

A dearly beloved Mama,


What is this life afterall,

When we cannot live as Long as

We would want to ,

Choose when to go and  with whom ?

Yes ! these are Man`s wishes –


We should not Forget !

This Earth is not ours ,

All we have Comes from God,


We cant help not crying when

One of us is strucked by death,

When a mother who all her life

Mastered the act of  pains and tested all tasks

for her children dies and is to be buried.


We are here ,

with tears to send

Mamam Eliza home .


Tears like rain drop

Fall my face ,

Every single tear lies my sorrow

Increasing the loneliness,


I bid you  farewell Mama,

We bid you Farewell !

Everything changed this Minute

As we wave Goodbye to You.


My ego has forsaken me,

I am so weak and can not hide it .

I cry like a child  and refused

to be consoled.


Mama 29/4/16  is a D-Day ,

Loved ones  will be  there to

Wave goodbye to you ,

Mama journey mercy as you

go to your  eternal home .


After this day ,29.4.16 ,

We will no longer see you physically,

But we will feel you in our hearts .


Good bye my Rose ,

Goodbye  Ezinne ,Mama Eliza .


My tears are heavy  and pouring ,

I cant stop it ,

It is heavy on my heart

My pains increasing

They are heavy on me,

Heavy enough to sink me


I simply want to let you know

That I love you Mama ,


Mama I care about you ,

I dont know what to do ,

Soon the Party will be over,

Visitors shall be gone,

And we shall be left alone

To mourn your Exit,


I  will Keep writing  to you and for YOU ,

When  I write, I write  for You,

Because I feel your warmth around me


29/4 goes as a  big day for us ,

As You are going to be away for a very

Long time , Away from

This horrible Earth ,

Where neither sorrow nor

Worry will  be an order

for you again .


I am sad  Mama,

I know I am

Right now I am in

Tears ,

It Drops,

Escapes my eyes

I release it and let it drop,


But you have gone

To the Lord,


For those in tears ,

” My hope is that your sadness

evaporates with your tears “- Nameless Wonder-


Nneoma rest in Peace , Amen .

We  bid you Farewell .