” I wish to have one more chance to look into your eyes. The time spent with you here on Earth was golden . I wondered if i said thank you enough “- Thank you my Ezinne, Mamam Eliza Rest in peace.

Oh Mother !

You wore strong smiles in the

Face of hardship,

You hid your pains away from us ,

Wanting us to believe everything was


Things were not always smooth .


You cried and sheded tears in secret places ,

You would not let us feel your pains,

Even when we sensed it,

You will always cover your pains

With your motherly smiles,


You took all the burdens alone,

Papa died early and you found yourself

Confronted with burdens, responsibilities,

Challenges  that could uproot one`s  moral

stands ,


Mama you helped us in life,

You were always everywhere for us,

You denied yourself alot , just for us.

You stayed late, woke up early ,

Took pains ,went hungry, borrowed

Just to make us eat  and went to school,


You cried when Things got really tough,

You adviced when we went astray,

You forgave  when we disappointed you,

You were a Mother of  many Chances

and hopes,


You took all These pains for us .


Oh Mother !

We will never Forget you ,

For all you went through ,

All the tears you sheded

All the sleepless nights ,


Oh mother !,

We will never Forget ,

Your Special Love .


I had a great time with you Mama,


When I  look back today Mama,

I wondered if i thanked you enough,

For all  the Things you endured for us,

The pains, sleeplessness, our stubbornness,

The  harsh poverty , critic neighbours ,


Oh Mother !

I wondered if i remenbered to thank you enough,

Gone yet , never will be forgotten,

Your Spirit will continue to live in us ,


I give this flower,

Dear Lord take this Rose flower and give to

My hero,My mother ,

Kiss her on the cheek for me,

Give her everlasting rest ,

And  thank  her  on our behalves,

For I am not sure if I thanked

her enough.

Mama you lived an examplary life.

Rest in peace.


Thank you Mama, because I know that

I did not thank you enough.

May God be praised ! Amen .