Borrowed world

” Jesus borrowed everything ,gave up everything ,, still He owned the world, “Wow ! what a humble God .


I cried and banged my head ,

I do not want to be consoled ,


As I went  down the way to a nearby

Mountain to mourn and  be silent

About mamas demise ,


To the rivers I spoke with ,

And to the silent air I murmured my

pains ,

I asked  God why ,


When  I looked deep into

Nature , I realised that Mama

Like everyone of  us did not buy

The earth,

That she lived on a borrowed

Earth just like you and me,


Earth is God`s Garden, green, with creatures , shelter

and  everything all from God,

Earth is a borrowed  home , carpeted  and rosy ,

All from God  .


The earth we behold , is  unending ,with huge resources ,

Harvest earth positively, embrace the love of nature,

Handle with care , for we are on a borrowed Earth.


We borrowed  the earth from God ,

A paradise  ,Mother nature , made perfect

by God .


We have not inherited the earth from God

Ancestors , were here before us,

They came and went ,


Parents brought us in this borrowed Earth ,

Through Gods wish and  careful works ,

He loaned us this Earth, for a short use .


Earth has been there before we

Were Born, and will continue to exist,

Everyone is on time Limit ,

On borrowed stage where we come to act

and Play our parts ,


We borrowed this Earth ,

We are here on rent ,

On borrowed time ,

God loaned us the Earth ,the time

and the life ,


We are on rent,

You leave when your rent expires ,

For this  reason we have to be careful,

How we use our time on earth ,

For our interest and for the borrowed earth .


Earth is where we all meet , eat, drink

Merry , rejoice  and Dance,


Look at it well, a temporary home,

Everyone is in it ,

Loved and unloved ones, poor as well as rich,

Old and Young, different classes, living and unliving,

Bad and good,  cruelties , Anger and hatred,


A borrowed home filled up with priviledged



Indeed we own nothing,

God is allowing us to borrow everything,


Nothing belongs to us,

All are His still He borrowed everything

Even the tomb  where He was buried ,

He owned everything and still lived on


What a great and humble God.


We thank you Lord

Who loaned us a place on Earth,

I thank you for my mums stay ,

Give her a permanent stay

in your paradise ,


Earth our borrowed home,

Artists Palace ,

Garden of God,

Beautified and painted

Borrowed and not given to us,


“Earth our  borrowed place  ” .