” All that I am , or hope to Be , I owe to my angel Mother ” – Abraham Lincoln – Mama we will forever miss you, Thank you so much , Ganudo, Tschuß .



My second God has departed  ,

My love, big Mama , Ezinne, teacher

Adaoma, Nwanyioma, the mother

who never failed her children,

Are you truely gone ?.


This message goes to you mama ,

I hold you to my heart ,

No one can take your place .

I looked everywhere but can

not see anything like you ,


Mama is it true that you are gone ?

Are my losing you forever ? .


Ich liebe dich mamam ! .

please dont go,


To the world you are Mama Eliza ,

Teacher , president  and  Mother,

To me you are my  world ,


My tears are dropping

Like a rain drop,

I am so sad,

And  I  cant hold it back .


You cant feel what I am Feeling ,

You cant see my pain ,

Because it is my pain ,

I miss you  Mother  ,


I know you are watching ,

I see your Picture s ,

But it is not the same again ,

Your Exit from this world

has changed my world,

my Vision,

my joy .


My thinking is not the same again ,

I am sapped of my strength,

My breadth is gone .


Mama what can I compare to you ,

What can I do to bring you back,

If you were as old as metusellah, you are

And will remain my Mama ,

And I will love you like I have always done ,


I write this to lay my pains down,

You were not only a mother ,

You were my Supporter, my all and all.

Incomparable ,unique in your nature,


I am mourning you ,

In the way  I know

You may not hear me in this world ,

But I know you feel it  whereever

you are ,


Still ,I will say this to you ,

I miss you mama ,

I am sorry for the pains  I caused you

in the past .


Thank you Nnemoma,

There will be days like this,

But i never knew it could be this quick,


I will always miss you Mama ,

Sad !  our child will not have

The opportunity to experience your love,


I feel this burn,

Like a cut that has pierced my heart ,

Your words are still lingering in my ears ,


I envision them ,

You have given me all even

When you did not have to,

You have been there for me

Even when you should not have.


How can I say goodbye to a dear mother ,

I wished you could  get well now ,

And come back for us to do

The things we always did together,

Whisper together , laugh and cry together,

That  is my wish ,


You never got well,

Instead you  are gone

I am in grief  ,


Your Exit is unbearable ,

Never going to end

I am in pains ,

And no one can help me .


1.4.16, my worst day

How are my supposed to know that

You will never come to me again,

Now that you are gone ,


My sweet mother, Nneoma, Adaugwu

The pillar who refused to bend,

The best friend I ever had .


These few days have been agonising,

I falsely reassured myself,

Saying that it will be over again ,

That you will be on your feet again

you are gone ,

I wish  I could ask God for some more time

to be with you and make things up

again .


It is too late ,

I miss you my  everything .


You are not here anymore,

You are in my Memory and I carry

You wherever I go ,

Even though you are going to be

away for awhile ,

We shall meet in heaven to part no more ,


One thing am sure of is that the Angels

Are there to welcome you,

You will never feel pains again

You will never be alone ,

And you will never have these earthly

pains again ,


Death has no more power over

you ,

You have worn .


You are in heaven

now am wishing you rest in the Lord ,

Go in peace ,


when I spoke with you on phone

Little did i know this day is near,

You my mum, my teacher

Kind and gentle

I did my best to rush to

you ,


The blessings you gave me and my husband

Will accompany us everywhere ,


Goodbye my queen, my angelic mother,

You were more than a friend

all in one .


How can  I say goodbye ,

You are gone and my whole world

Is changed .


I am empty without you .

Thank you God for my mother´s life

Free her of whatever sin and make

A place for her in your paradise,

God you gave  and you have taken

May your Name be praised


La nudo Ezinnem !.