Walk with faith

” Even when the tough gets tougher , just Keep on going , walk with faith ” .


My sun was going down ,

The road was darkening

My mum is sick,

Mum fight , God will not look over,

I trust this unknown case to Him,

I prayed  ! .


I knew i am loosing my faith,

And I must cling to my faith ,

The unseen , but powerful ,


Sometimes the Spirit commands ,

They body refuses, we tumble  and get

exhausted in the rough  and quench in our agony,


Losing faith brings and deepens agony,

A great source of sadness and  conflict ,

when Spirit commands and body refuse ,

Follow the hierachy and not the tyranny ,


I loved my solitude ,

I used my solitude ,

And  I spoke to the unseen, the great ” I am  “,

The God that made impossible possible

The great ”  Above  ” the healer and the

Lamb that was slain for us,


I sang and cried my pain out aloud

My faith shaken ,

I talked to God ,

I looked  unto you my Lord .


An Optimist  I have been ,

My Courage is sinking and  failing me,

I  am heating  the rock,

I know  I could not give in

To despair ,

No way to defeat ,

Mum must be well again ,


I talk to you God,

I challenge you ,

I know you will hear me

I dont loose my faith

I know you gave up everything

for us ,

You are  always  working,

Even when we dont feel it,


I have no other God

To whom shall i go  !

You are my strength and my Portion

forever ,


With you I walk with faith again,

As I realised  I must not loose sight,

I have seen only things around me,

With God´s ways we see things positively,


Faith my Primary orientation ,

Dont loose me ,

God is doing alot ,

Even when we dont see it

I trust Him !.


Slowly He is acting

From the lost fading hopes ,

He is always at work,

Even  where we dont hope so


” Always have faith,

even when it never seems like

It will Change , don´t loose your faith “- Tumbir -.


Only walk with faith ! .