Get well soon mom

” My sweet mother get well soon, , The Lord will heal you ” –

Every new day brings with

It   new challenges ,

Sometimes even  tough and worst ,

You will never know until

You are broken , thorn with a tiny hope left,


I am broken ,

I did not know it much,

But  I am broken , Mama is sick ,


Life is a book,

I  am waiting impatiently

Hard it is , but  I must wait

in the Lord,


But  I must accept to wait ,

To be Patient , to hope , and not

give up .


Everything Comes and goes,

But a mother will never be forgotten,

You gave me life , and you gave me love,

Sheltered  and protected me ,

You relinguished all Position to your

children .


A multi-tasking mother ,

You worked all round , and tried to

meet our needs  ,


You gave me the sweetest of all sounds,,

You gave me strength ,

You are the most beautiful,


All I am I owe to you ,

You taught me the power of Inspiration

and Courage,

You had this strength that

I have always admired  ,


Now that you are sick,

I pray to God to heal you,

My sweet mother

I am Holding on to you,


Have the will ,

Fight the fight ,try ,

Trust , have new hope

Dont give up ,


My Lord is a healer,

He will heal you,

He has healed so many ,

Even the old,


Age will not stop you from

Being a good mother,

That you have always being,


My  dear mother I love you,

Get well soon  ! .


Lord  make my mother well again  !


My mother, my friend and my teacher,

Get well soon !.