Shed no more blood , These are fathers , mothers , sisters, Brothers ,sons , daughters and comrades . God did not create These perfect People only for you ” Terror ” to kill at will. My sympathy to the families —



They were all  full of plans  ,

Full of enthusiasm , hopes and

fine  wishes ,


Some wore  smiles , some with hectic faces ,

They were all heading somewhere ,

Before you strucked them,


They  Woke up in the morning

And kissed and said  goodbye to

their loved ones ,

With the hopes of getting back home,


You being who you are ,

A man without face,  with no Name,

A Thing that have come to live with

Others as neighbours

friends , good People

You layed your plan and

Waited in your disguised form

Like always  ,


You have  faces that no one can see,

You are present everywhere,

You speak in voices that only you and

Those who work with you can hear,


You are chilling and hurrible ,

Your Name is Terror ,a Name that

Strikes, kill and instill fears in People .


You have been known to kill millions

You are unpredictable,and have lost

Your human Feelings,

And thats makes you Horror and Terror .


You have come to dwell  in our midst  ,

Pretending to be human with flesh and blood ,


You ripped These souls ,

They will never be home again,

Terror you have taken them so early,


Taking them by surprise ,

This time at the heart of Brussel ,


You  Dressed in suit and wore faces that

Made you look  human,

You were believed to be truely human ,


In your heart you are evil, and destructive,

You roar about, searching for

Crowds to kill and inflict pains ,

Longing for blood like a Vampire,

Have you not killed enough,

Do you believe in God ?.


Your God is bomb ,

Your voice that of  Terror ,

You are brainwashed to kill and

inflict pains ,


You have hit  innocent

helpless  souls again,


You respect neither colour nor religeon,

You target and kill all at sight

What is your gain ?


You kill everyday, and have

Your Hands smeared with blood,

The souls of these innocent

Souls will not allow you have



You aim to destroy ,

You destroy to get joy,

Hey ! is that your Kind of joy ?,

You have killed and want to

Go on kill,

There is a judgement day,

Heaven is real and Hell is a reality, for you


No paradise , no virgins ,

No one is waiting to receive you ,


You herald others when the spring high

You rejoice when others cry ,

You hail them and tell them

Welldone, for killing for you .


No God can Permit killing

You alone will face the judgement,

For millions of souls you have  sent

to early grave ,


They victims will find peace ,

You and peace will never cross apart,

You will wander in wanderland,

not even the devil

will be ready to welcome you in his hell ,


You killed These People

Depriving many of fathers, mothers

sisters , sons and daughters,

How will you sit and watch all

These anguish  face s !


Do you not have a heart ,

to see bleeding souls ,

reaped and thorn to pieces

for a Course you are not sure of .


You think you have worn ?

You have not because,

You will never find your peace.

Turn around, Change ,stop

Your killings.