” Happy birthday to you my love “



Du bist einzigartig !

Du bist toll und du bist mein ein und alles  .


A great and caring husband you are

My hero, best friend  and an extraordinarily

wonderful  husband,

My Special and my  great Lover ,


Thanks for bringing happiness  into

My life again,

For proving People wrong and for

helping me see life in another



12.9 . is the day when  I must always remenber

With smile , because it all started on

This fateful day ,

I am greateful to God  that He

brought you into my life.

Gott sei dank das es dich gibt ,

Ich liebe dich !


You gave my life Colors again ,

My fence you mended, and  my world

you changed  ,


My hopeless hope you restored ,

God used you to turn my past horror  to

A thing of  permanent  past,


With you I have learned a new hope

New faith , new struggle , and a better tomorrow ,

With you I have learned to live again.


There is so much  I want to whisper into your ears ,

So much love to give you back ,

Because you deserve to be  loved ,


Seeing you everyday ,

Listening to your jokes and the encouraging

Words makes me want to marry you over and over again

You are my hero , my everlasting love.


Waking up everyday with you by my side is

Golden ,

My life is richer and meaningful with you ,

It is worth living, because you love me .


If   I  would make another choice

It would always be  you

My perfect love , my husband ,


You gave me a carefree love

And showed me that marriage  is

A respected  one couple`s  business

and not  crowd`s  business .


A priceless, costless, unconditional love

You showed me , A pure love

That never Count or recall faults,

Ever ready to love, forgive and be a shoulder .


You raised me up when I was down

You gave me hope when I had no hopes

you treasured  and valued me .


Living without you is unimaginable

I am incomplete without you ,

Thanks for my smiles ,

I have it back because of you


You gave me reason to be happy again

You gave me back all  I lost in

The past ,

I am stabil again and all because

of you ,


My Superstar, my endless love ,

I could not ask God for more

You are simply the best .


Dont Forget as Long as God will

I will always be there for you ,


With  you am blessed , secure and happy

Nothing earthly can be compared to

your love, because you are unique,


My  Superstar !

May God continue

To shower His love on Us.

Ich liebe dich !



” Hagen you are simply the best, May God bless you always ,It is your day ! Love you ever !.