” We must accept finite disappointment , but never lose infinite hope ” – Martin Luther King Jr.- . Have Courage in life .


Have the Courage  !

Follow your heart and Intuition ,

When they try to trap you down

Use words or action against you,

Give yourself the best push

It is just others ` opinion ,

You are like them and not others

Dont get drowned , you are Special.


I speak not for me alone ,

And i write not for me alone

I write for the suppressed, oppressed

And the discriminated voices ,


If your Color , sex , race , religeon is a handicapp

I write for you , you are Special,

They will not put you down ,

They world belong to God ,

And we are all from one source .

White ,black and others , we are one

And we all are Special .


Those who are denied opportunities ,

At home and in foreign land  you are a fighter

Dont give up , give them love ,

Transform their hate with love ,

Fight hard  give not in

you are Special .


I speak for you , you  are  precious ,

Treasured and  unique  in God´s eyes .

I join you as we search for a common voice ,


Take your step in faith,

accept not  their views

You are not tragically made, you are

unique  .


Never lose hope and never accept

pressure ,

If there is nothing that matters ,

It is that you are Gods Special creature ,

Dont let them put you down,

For you are Special .


Have Courage  ,

Discover your stregth and not

how they define you


I believe in hope  and struggle

Courage and never succumb,

To who they want you to be,

You are just Special.


Carry a positive mind  and have a

positive Vision ,

We must survive , and overcome

All in Jesus Name .


” I find hope in the darkest of days ,

and Focus in the brightest , i do not judge

the universe ” – Delai Lama