” In the end we will remenber not the words of our enemies , but the silence of our friends ” – Martin Luther King Jr.-



They will try to provoke you ,

Say ugly things and twist your Name,

Say nothing to them , they are distractors

And do not  deserve your words.

Learn from their noise .


They deserve your silence ,

Get in touch with silence ,

God´s golden language ,

You will learn something ,

An answer to a Problem .


Learn silence from them who slander

You and hammer you at the back,

They make noise and you learn  from them.


Say not much, give back with

Silence , they dont deserve your words.,

Use your weapon of silence

The louder voice of all,

The compacted words that say much

and yet say Little .


Say nothing  and be silent,

Preserve your temper and be

in Control.


When you cant deal with Gossips ,

Say nothing, be silent there lies

The strength, the wisdom and the

Solution .


They  will try to break you,

And tarnish you behind your back,

They will bring you down with

Words , and make you look ugly,


They are true to your face

And  untrue at your back .

Fear them , and  give them

your silence.


Dont say much to them,

Give them your silence ,

The deserve not your words,

Push your way forward,

Carry on with your life,

And say nothing to them.


Use your most strong weapon,

your silence,  they will  learn to

hurt you no more.


When they  try to bring you down

Use your charm and the strength of silence

Say nothing , be silent and

Just be calm and be true to yourself..


Give back with silence,

Let Karma fight for you,

Because they dont deserve your


They deserve your silence .

And deserve to be forgotten.


Say nothing to them

Smile them out of your life ,

They dont deserve your words

They deserve  your  golden silence.


” People who deserve your silence .

Sometimes the most powerful you can say

is nothing at all ” – Mandy Hale – .


So learn to be silent when they

Make noise about you .