” All that we are or ever will be , we owe to our mothers “- Abraham Lincoln- . So join to celebrate Angel mothers all Season.


No word can express your Beauty

and your uniqueness ,

Your kindness and your love for

your children are immesurable and last forever .


Your love is unaffordable ,

And your dedication  can not be estimated ,

No amount of wealth or  Money

Can replace or afford your worth.

You are simply  unique supreme and

the best ,

Nothing can be compared to you.


You are so Special and that was why

God made you in a Special way and gave

You more eyes to see through,

To know when your children are lying  ,

Misbehaving or doing something not right ,


God gave you Patience to bear and endure

Knowing what load you were to carry .

O ! you Gold, Multitasking  mother,

Performing everything, and wanting the best

for her  children  ,

You  who can feed a Nation with just one

penny ,


Who is like you  dear mother ,

I  cant imagine the world

without you ( Mothers ).


God gave you a heart full of forgiveness

Tears  to shed in  pains, adversities and difficulties

Smile to embrace and Show love to your

children,and the world .

You will remain the world´s best Hero , for you

are a Nation.


You were Born and never existed ,

You will continue to be a blessing to mankind .


What is the world without you ?

Imagine a world without you,

Men will be lost without you

Children will cease to be ,

A nation will fall apart.

Love and training will completely

vanish and no one will care or Show



I celebrate you all women and moms

because you are Special

no one can be compared to you

You nurtured and knew the pains of birth

You shelter and is always there in good and in bad

Even when your children fail and go astray ,

You will never give them up .


I run to you when am in Trouble

I confide in you because you will never

betray me ,


My mom, my true friend and my best companion.

Trials come friends disappear

But you are there all Season,

You clinged to me in my most

Painful Moments and you give me

hope .


You mastered your Multi function

and provide even when there is nothing

A woman that uses a penny to feed multitude

What are we without your care  ,

lost, gone and confused .


I will continue to cherish and love you

Your prayers have always followed

me everywhere I go  .


I cling to your words ,

You could scold, be  strange sometimes ,

nagging and even

Smack  , or even get angry ,

you are still my beloved and I love

You so much, because nothing

can be like you.


In you i have always found shelter

,hope, love and forgiveness

Motherhood you are priced


I will love you forever mom

because you are my treasure

My second God and my best friend  ,


We will celebrate you all times

because ” All that i am or ever

hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother …”

– Abraham Lincoln-


So lets celebrate this unique being

because she deserves the best.