” Let us follow the mother of Christ as she walks the road of calvary “- to unite our pains and suffering with Jesus on the cross through the sorrows of Mary .

Thinking why your life is a roller

Coaster, trying to figure out

Why this happening to you,

See the sorrows of our Mother Mary

For most things  had to be


why must it be ? because it had to be .


When things are not going our way

We grumble and brood over

every  little thing.

We get upset , discouraged and disheartened

Dont Forget , certain things had to be.


Join the road of Calvary

Walk silently and be quiet

Journey with faith with Jesus

and Mary then you see why it had to be.


See this agonising mother ,

As she watch her only son endure

pains  on the calvary for us ,

She accepted ” the had to be ” .


The soldiers screamed and called

Him names,

Her heart pounded, but it had to be.


Mother Mary´s way of the cross ,

Seeing a son bruised and in pain

A son whom she loved so much.


In anquish  and in tears she

walked the way of the cross ,

So helpless , and  downcast ,

See a  mother  in sorrow

Wanting to help lighten Jesus´s pain

But this had to be .


Three days of agony and torture

The ripped His clothes and shared his lots

but it had to be .


Nothing could be compared to this,

Seeing the cross dig into her son´s shoulders

She can not stop the torture because

it had to be .


They jarred and mocked Him,

They flogged and beat Him,

He stumbled many times

But this had to be .


What a pain

Who can measure her pains

Yet this had to be .


He failed many times,

Her heart broke many

times , but this had to be .


Forgive me Lord , I shout

To myself, for causing  you this pain

When i hold grudge ,

when i close eyes to the

pains and loneliness of others,

For gossipping,  and getting angry,


Help us to immitate Mary

For there is a purpose in everything,

because somethings  had to be .


You will not stop at anything,

You took the cross Lord ,

for it had to be


Help me to be like Mary

Forgive me Lord and let me

accept my  ” It had to be  ” .


Give us Courage  to see

The purpose in every cross,


Thank you Jesus and Mary for

This love  and teach us to

See certain things in our

Lives as had to be ,

And teach us to be like you

In our  ” it had to be ”  Moment.

Jesus  I Love you.