” Never get scared to try new Things , because that´s one of the ways for you to learn , go beyond your Limits and you will know yourself more , move Forward and you will know that your past is not worth staying for ” – Unknown Quote added by : Mcindygrace .


Trying something new or new thing is never a crime .  Everyone will face this someday , and everyone will doubt trying something new . I realise that even those who are willing to try new things have first to fear the unknown . Do yourself a favour , concentrate on the hurdles you have crossed in the past , then you will begin to appreciate the moment .

Remove all these emotions , create a mind to learn  new things, or get into a new Job  .   All i can advice you to do is to go take the risk, life afterall is full of risk , if you dont take the risk you might not find out what strength you have .

If you dont try how will you find out if you are succeeding ? . Failure is meant for everyone . Incase if you are in this category , know that   anyone can fail , get into the new things and dont be afraid of the challenges. It is not bad afterall, and it is not dangerous .

Getting into a new Job, new relationship or starting a new life especially at mid 40s could be very challenging and scary . There is always this question that comes to mind ” can i “, what of if  i dont make it, or meet up with demands, and what if they dont like me , what will i do, these can continue .

Most at times, one is not sure of what to meet , and this breeds doubts ,and fear of the unknown sets in. You are simply afraid.  Those who  Keep an open mind , try different things , new things , you can only succeed or fail, but you will always go home being richer in experience and ready to try again.

These are just normal reactions of the subconcious , you are just being human , but dont worry you will overcome these doubts ,only if you trust your ability .

If you dont allow yourself to try new things how then can you make a difference. Things are not going to come to you, except if you are ready to take up the risk, even if you get disappointed in the end , at least you have tried.

Alan Rickman got his first movie at 42,  because he picked up the Courage to try new thing .Hans Gruber and Professor Snape from Harry potter started film at 42, they succeeded because they were willing to try new things .

Roget tried new thing and invented Thesaurus at 73, the Autor of apocalypse was known to be bad until he decided to try something new. Josef Conrad  Nalecz Korzeniowski  a Young polish sailor  working for French marine Service in 1878 tried new thing to become a novelist.  Always see trying something new as a challenge , be positive about it and take the gains of learning from it .

” Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greately – Robert. F. Kennedy . So dare the new things and you will see the reward, because ” A Limit is a myth created by those who are not willing to try new things ” – Unknown Quote, added by : Toxic_Vitamin_T-.

so dont get thinking so much before you try that new thing out, you will never know what you are cabable of doing until you give it a Trial . So dont be in your way , by writing yourself off before you even get into the new thing.