” Fear cant hurt you if you dont allow it , it is a part of life , master it and learn to deal with it in faith ,hammer it and be positive and do not let it stop you from chasing your dreams. “.



Nothing is as terrible as  you ,

It is just hard not to feel your chills,

You the greatest enemy of the time,

The strongest  and the  most  sensitive

of the time .


The terrible witch and ghost of today ,

The plague and disease of mankind.

The enemy of faith .


The unseen and the paralyzer of dreams,

The initiative killer and the household

used word today .


The greatest robber of the minds ` peace

The weapon of the enemy, and the foundation

of every government .


Terrors  weapon to scare , pursue

And displace People from their homes.


Although you are invisible ,

Your hold is strong enough  where

you set in.


Everyone is complaining of you

And everyone is afraid of you ,

Because  of your monstrous effect,


Many have described and called you

a destroyer of accurate thinking

The Monster that dethrones personality

and set it doubting ,


The attacker of concentration

and the enemy that cause failure .

The stumble block on  the way of future.

And  the undermining grace of efforts


That create  doubts in People .

And cause insecurity

and  loss of self-confidence.


You are terrible even when you are

appropriate .


The  companion of  man at all times ,

The stranger  that is  not seen but

felt in all works of  lives .


The killer  , the traitor , the  procastinator

and the pest of  the mind   ,

The decision slower , the enemy

That have come to delay and destroy.


Our minds greatest torture ,

Master of Ambition killer

The Cloud  of the  mind ,

The thief that steal  Prestige and threatens

self-confidence .


The inappropriate that  set the mind

in acute stress,

The Monster that stifles and stagnates


Run not away to escape  from

It, face it with faith and hammer

It with Courage and brevity,

Overcome fear and freedom is yours.


Learn to deal with it ,

Read and understand it

Use it and do not get scared


Overcome  it  and let it not

overcome you,

And fear it no more ,

It is  just fear , you can slash

it .


Make  up your mind  ,

And conquer it

You can do anything,

Only if you face your fear

with faith and courage.