” Dont wait too Long on a closed door , dont bother to hold that closing door open . else you miss your next Train “- Keep on moving , be not afraid , the next door is waiting for you, you alone have the key to your next door.


Something  just isn`t right

Something is not working right

And something is not the way it should be,


Days and years come and pass

You feel locked out, you struggle to stay

Faithful to a closed door.

You build and work hard to Keep a door  closing



Stare not too Long at this closing door ,

And waste not  too much of your  time on this closing door ,

That door closing should be left to be closed.

Your  are hardworking and you are strong.

Persistence will unlock your new doors


Hurts to find out that a dear door

Is closing on you ,

It hurts to be a part of this experience

But it hurts more when we waste too

much time on a closed door.


Be not afraid, pay attention

To your inner mind , trust your

ability and be positive  .

Dont worry about taking risk ,

Take the next Exit to your new door.


Let not the thought of opening new

Doors Paralyse you .

Be brave and pray to God ,


When a relationship, a marriage, love ,

Career  and others are not working right ,

It could be a new step to your dream

Try hard, take risks  , because that door

Closing sends another positive way for you.


Keep moving , you will get there .

Leave that door it is closing /closed .

Look not so Long and waste not all your time

That door  closing may not be

for you .


Check the next Exit ,

Strieve hard,  for  new  doors  will open for you

And dont look down on warning

Signs that are always there.


Know when to say stop, when to Close a door

Do it , for in you lies the whole efforts,

The whole keys to close that door permanently,


If you know how to pray

You will see God in His mercies,

New  doors  are just waiting for

you to grasp and open.


Take the key you have it ,

No oneelse can do this for you

Except you, and you alone ,because

you have the ability .


Dont force that closed door open

It is closing and for good ,

Other doors are waiting for you

To open , Close that door and

Dont be afraid


Be ready to open other doors

And quit the closed ones,

And dont do the same old thing again ,


Close your past doors  and dont

waste too much time  and energy on it

It is closed Exit it and begin a new chapter

in your life


Where there is a will,

there is a way , a door closing on you

is not the end of you,


” Dont spend time beating on a closed

door , hoping to open it when it is permanently

meant to be closed  ”


Use the lessons of the closed

Door to correct your future

” When one door Closes ,another opens,

but we often look

so Long and so regretfully

upon a closed door , that we do not see

the one which has opened for us ” – Alexander Graham Bell-


Open the other door ,

there may lie your happiness.