” Love what you do and be passionate about it ” .


Future may look thin ,

And everything may fall apart for you,

and your life may go rotten,

and you think you are finished .


In your heart there is somewhere

someplace where your

Passion lies,there lies your energy.


Check where your heart is chasing,

All you need is dedication , attention, love

and the ability to seek out

for what aspires you,


Love what you are doing, and do

what you love with Passion,

when you are passionate about

your hobby it could turn into



So no matter what you want to do

do it with Passion.


If you live your life and do what you

love with Passion ,

you could give others value that

will boast their dreams and make

them succeed .


Happiness is not only about

being rich and having all wealths,

it is also about living your life

to the fullest,

balancing your life

and finding meaning to

your life and also doing what

you love doing with Passion.


Be passionate about whatever you

chooses to do,

Engage yourself

and dont let the wolves

get hold of your Passion.


You can do anything , try things out

once you get passionate about something

no one can stop you

So chase and let passion drives

you to get to your height.


” You never achieve success,

unless you like what you are doing “- Dale Carnegie-.