” Love is like a plant, water it all year and dont wait for a global day celebration “-

Love is precious , Special and fulfilling,

It is Magic , unconditional and  not tasking,

it is soothing and can make you happy

it can also hurt depending.


It is a precious flower ,

that needs care and watering

” Es ist kostbares ”

Support it to grow and it will

last you  forever .


Water and nurture your love

For it is like anyother plant,

When you dont care for it everyday

it withers and die.


Wait not on global days or

Valentine´s day to care or show love,

Make it a habit and make it

a part of you .


Start with yourself ,

and make it a habit to

love and forgive yourself ,

be fair and Kind to yourself

Begin with you accept and love you ,

it is unconditional and wait not

on a Special day .


Love your neighbour and care for

Those who are in need,

let People around share in the

bond of  your love ,

let them feel loved cared for

everyday and not only on global days .


Let People you meet feel your love everyday,

let them feel loved and  respected ,

give love and you will

be loved in return.


Dont wait for a valentines day,

to send flowers , or words of love

make it a Habit, practice until

it become a part of you .

love and value those you meet

on your way and not only on

a Special day .


love is not about becoming or sending flowers

only on  Special days .

It is about telling someone everyday  ,

how much you love him,

putting smiles on people´s faces

understand and not demand  .


Make everyday a Lovers day

Give love,

love can only be found where it exists

Tell someone everyday that you love

or care.

Dont wait for a Special day .