Vivian´s artwork ” broken vessel “, lost kinapped Girls. This is lent let us be ready to visit our deserts to deal with particular Things , to pray for our lost souls, for those crying faces in bondage . This is our Chance , lets remenber These Girls , God is a God of second Chance.

We are called to deepen our spiritual lives

To spend time in prayers -This is lent-

a soul-searching and reflection time .

Take stock, join in fasting and prayers .


In  the history of salvation

Abraham, Jacob,Joseph,Moses,Isaiah, Jeremiah, David etc.

God is always there when called ,

So lets use the Goal of These Biblical message

To remenber  lent period as  ,

Not only about you or me,

About others and God´s plans for us.


Lets  remenber these miserable broken faces,

Pray for them , this is lent-

Give them  some  minute in moment of your prayers

and as you journey in your desert, remenber we model

during Lent  .


There are many crying faces all over the world,

Many with emotions that they alone can Interpret.

Faces  that have stories of pains, disappointment

Broken dreams ,displacement and  deprivations .


Broken bottles ,one of Vivian´Timothy´s  painting

Themen, a broken vessel, Girls uprooted

and stolen from their families , young Girls

virgins, innocent children, someones´s child

With dreams and hopes that  Terror have stolen away.

Lost in  the whirlwind, disappeared and have been sold.


They wear sad faces with tears running from their eyes

Down the cheek, hurt and upset ,

Not shouting because no strength no hopes to

Be found and be re-united again with their families.


Dont forget These girls, dont Forget others in bondage ,

Many faces are in tears , in sorrow and are hopeless.


Chibok  219 Girls reportedly kidnapped  by Terror Groups

In Borno state Nigeria ,on 17th October 2014

From a Christian school-are one of Group of crying faces.


Free our Girls , free These children, These faces

are broken and family`s  hopes shattered ,

Broken Girls – Vivian Timothy clearly rendered

her  passions with this crying face ,

with These gesture and facial Expression

She cried for the freedom of These children .


Free our Girls, free Chibok kidnapped Girls

and free everyone in bondage , this is lent  fast

join in prayers and lets walk the way of  freedom.


This is lent think about many  faces in tears and pray for