Be a good care giver , care with your heart your smiles alone could take away pains.

This is for you,

I want you to read this and know that

I care for you , about you, i think of  your pains

I remenber you and pray for you.


Over the past years , you have lived and managed

your world, your life was sacred ,

You have done things alone , made decisions and go places

all by yourself .


Here you are  today trapped in this sickness

Lost in hopes, sits and only moves with help of others

Pain emotional and sensory ,that  have gradually enveloped

your psychosocial Milieu .


With your speaking aid,

you managed to tell the tales of

the burning limbs and Joint pains ,

Neck and back pains ,they are killing you described .


Each time you look in my direction to say something

My heart bleeds for you,

But i have to give you my smiles

Hold your hands and let you know that i take your pains

Seriously, i believe it and i pray for you.


You have cried many times and i have held your hands

given you what medicinal and care help.

Whatelse can i do ? .


You would want to go on live

your normal life ,manage your things and your world

your home and all therein.


This pain has engulfed and taken your Person

I see you struggle to stand , to move

Or even to scratch a part, These are painful moves

A heart-breaking situation for you and for me,

I feel your pains, but i can not take it away

I hold your hands to let you know that

I care .


Your tears are seen and God is your healer.