” Take this journey ” ` It worths it `.

I hope that your hearts are ready

That you have left a space in your heart

For this journey .


Join this journey, it worths all the

sufferings , pains and sacrifices .


This is the time to carry your pains,

Your agony , your worries and your hates

Come along in this journey ,

you will need the quiet times , the silence , and the

right mood to guide you in this

journey .


Seek perfect peace , let love and forgiveness

be your guide  throughout and after this journey ,


Reflect, express , feel sober

Show love, care , and Show gratitude

We are going on this journey , not alone ,

because God is with us,


Let it echo in us

“Ash Wednesday ”

The reminder that we are all  “dust

and to ” dust  “we shall return ,

our life come from God

our existence , we owe nothing , we go with

nothing, and we are nothing, but

” dust ” ,


God owns us, we owe our lives to Him.

so be a part of this journey , and you will

never come back empty.