Congratulations Pauline Long on this successful debate , and congratulations to the Speakers too. This is indeed a very complex issue that calls for a collective solution.

Gender equality will still remain an issue to the world , as the power of men are either internalised or naturalized   .These were UNESCO`s   two global priorities , equality between men and women . Truely speaking , this is  a right and should not be a priviledge.

Conferences have been held  to this effect , for example Beijing Platform  1995, which aimed at   empowering   women and Girls .   Reports  from director General of UNESCO (2014 ) showed that UNESCO is doing everything possible to empower women  and girls .

However, UNESCO and some other organisations like NGOs  are  committed to this Course , to create a voice for women and girls .  For example ,  the effort  made by UNESCO in Themen of heritage and creativity  were  all in the bid to advance human rights , especially women´s rights  in culture, as culture help People of all classes to develop in full   ( UNESCO,2013).

Well in terms of equality in Africa , one should consider the patriachal Society of most African culture s. Women are marginalised  and institutionalized due to factors ranging from cultural life  to barries hindering them from reaching their full capacity including  social development .

Women have limited participation in government policies ,  are segregated  in some Jobs, in some professions and even in wages. There are poor participation of women in most Offices , and the count goes on . Statistics have proved  that inequality in workplace is due to the fact that  women are likely to leave their Jobs when married or pregnant .

Women in the third world countries are prone to failures in businesses because of societal pressure on them and the segregations and stereotypes . Thank God that some women have made Progress in some fields.

Inshort , women  are just underrepresented everywhere, worst is in most African, and

Arab countries , all in the name of culture and Religion.


Sigmund Freud believe in biological determination of identity as against others who  argued that caregivers are also influential in identity formation.  According to Freud, this develops through internalization and identification in childhood , as  this starts from how genders are treated  and segregated as children. Most theories argue that fathers set goals  and limitations for their children, this is known in history and has continued.


Women´s role in ” gender inequality ” . Honestly speaking, women are their worst enemies, it may Sound hateful but this is true. I dont intend to go into details, as we women knows what am talking about.

Stop fighting yourselves, Support one another, love and be happy when a woman is succeeding, give a push, cheer, and dont be ignorant and undermining. As Long as this trait of women is not changed. Women will continue to be on their way to success .

Stop attacking yourselves  and work together, stop your critics and learn a way forward, if women dont change their attitudes towards one another , men will continue their domination and rule  .  So let us not stay there  and wait for change to come to us, we should begin the change within  ourselves. Otherwise no amount of education, Organisation or Body can do this for us .

One woman is a Nation, the rock and the foundation of a home, and the pillar of every success, peace, love and unity in any Society . No home divided can stand !

So women, if we are to make any Progress to abridge this gender gap, it should be a high time we started asking ourselves what is wrong with us and why we can not be able to work together to prove to ourselves that yes  we can !.