I am an Immigrant ! ” i Long for a future ” .

Oh ! what is my future and where can i find

my future !


So lost, exhausted , hopeless and unhappy ,

Fear and doubts my companion

Day and night  I meditate ,

Thoughts of future envelop  and scare me ,

Where are my going to with my family that

have survived this holocaust .


I am a nobody, and no one will miss me

When am gone, no government will bother to announce

My exit or death, no one will be there to take me to

The hospital if am wounded,

and no one will provide  food and shelter

because there are none for me .


In me lies a  Long and sad Story ,

That need to be told .

I dream of future , and long for a better future


Chills of the horrow fill my view

I must find my future

for I see no future here

Oh God, my helper

Give me my hope,

I have no hope, you are my last hope

Grab me and guide me through this search .


I  Long for a future,

I need a future , and I want to belong

To a land where justice is an order ,

Where different  Religion are not robbing shoulders ,

Where bombing and shelling are not

the order of the day, and where Terror is

not the government .


Who knows what future holds for me

In a land thorn with war !

I have no hold, no shelter and no future

My Family are trapped in a land  that have known

no justice , but terror  ,

I know not what, but i must leave


I run for my dear life ,

As i pick few things ready  to jump

Into the next available   boat

That will take me to my future


Shall i get there , uncertain,

If i die , i call it my future fight

And if  i survive this boat journey  ,

I will jump and kiss my God ,

I weep not, i frail not, i must run for my

life .


I must disappear now  and get into the

Boat  that will take me to my future,

I must run and i dont know where ,

Which way is uncertain, but all i know

Is that  ” I Long for a future  “-