” Common on, you can re-     write     your Story  “

Things  get perfectly well sometimes

and  also get pretty rough

or  equally pretty slow in life

either way , dont quit ,


Get creative ,

Break out  of your Patterns ,your odd rules,

And come out of your comfort Zone ,

Look at things in a different way .

Tap the source in you, you will truely

love it,


Silence is the greatest creativity ,

Get still  sometimes and you will

discover your creativity .


In you lies a hero, a creative being,

Artist painter or writer, only you have the

power to re-paint or re-write  your

world, give it a colour, and rename

it, It is yours and yours only ,


It is your world , help others

To look through your world, and see

that unique being call ” You “,


Help others to see that ”  you  “,

That  golden  hidden treasure ,

That Quality, that Passion that Special you !


You have the brush , colour, the ink ,

The Computer ,that can empower you

And help you show the world  what colour ,

style  and how  you have choosen to re-build

your  world,


you are creative,

look for your creativity and

start creating your world  now.