The secret behind many understandings ,

The  beautiful tool from  nature

The  greatest and the most powerful

gift at all   .


A universal tool  you are ,that was invented

by God to ease man´s world and unite the world.


The unseen that has power

To link , spread , touch hearts and mend fences .

The strength you possess holds voices together

and make life understandable .


You form  the hold of man and the pillar

of good  relationships ,

you can flow life and at the same time

stagnate it   .


You have  the power that

worked well when used effectively,

and destroys when not well used .

With you many leaders win, Keep and move

Nation .


Your Beauty is felt and experienced everywhere

you come in Play ,

Your ability to clarify issues makes People

happy and makes the world move Forward !


Oh ! communication  you  are nature´s gift .