Gods help is on the way

Read These words .

Let it motivate and Keep you strong,

your loved  one is sick and in coma and you

stand there watching and cant help,

you are speechless and confused,


Where is the help you asked ,

Where is God you wonder,

You  cry your eyes red and your

head is aching and  your loved one

is not responding .


This is horrow for anyone ,

A moment of doubt,

rough time  , empty thoughts.

stormy  time ,no strenght !


Stop , seek God`s help

He will not let you alone

Sing Songs to Him praise him .


You may think this not the time


Take your Bible  !

Words  are there that will encourage you

If you have not done this before

Fast pray , pray, pray

and dont stop praying for your sick loved one

For God´s help is on the way !