The issue of Immigration have been a constant issue on the media. No day passes by without Videos, Pictures and  comments  on  immigration .

According to Wikipedia, Immigration  is the movement through which individual permanently move their place of residence from  a particular country to another. It is and will remain an issue for the  world.

However,  Immigration has always been in the history .    Political , religious, adventurers and wanders have been known in early history as  part of American history . Come to think of it who owns  the world ? .

20 years ago it was reported that Asians , Europeans and other wanderers make up American ancestral Population .  So what is wrong with the fact that  people are migrating to other countries  today ?.

There is nothing wrong with People wanting to migrate to another country, where it becomes an issue is when People are forced to leave their homelands due to war, oppression and injustices , and when the immigrants constitute nuisance to the host countries.

In the past People were not willing to resettle , those who did then , were just temporary , and opted to go back home after a while , because home was home then.

Recently People are constantly on the move , figures are rising everyday  with the wake of unrest in the world .  Controlling influx  of immigrants have recently dominated the European politics  . So what can be done at this stage !.

We all know why these migration flows are continuing  . The question is , what can be done ?.  It is not going to be curbed overnight , so burning homes of refugees, spitting at them and demonstrating against them is not going to solve any Immigration issues , it will only delay and cause the government more money.

Start helping instead of disrupting, Europe is doing good and  everyone has the right to offer opinion and help.

There are much left to be done , because Europe  can not be left to solve the world´s problems alone .  Islamic countries will need to do more  .  World leaders and some prominent men and women  should tell themselves just the simple truth.  Everyone should help rid this monster that is chasing people out of their homes .

Leaders  should not be afraid to loose their positions or wealth, they should   expose and get rid of bad people  , otherwise  injustices will continue on earth , and peace will continue to elude us .

Equal justice  for everyone.  whether we like it or not there are some powerful, influential People behind these criminals , we dont know them, they know themselves . Get These People to arrest the terrible  situations at home, they can if the truely want . Offer  supports  that will stop and reduce all these mess . Europe cannot do this all alone.

Immigration has another side !

There are benefits and disavantages , when properly managed Immigration  could result to  economic benefits . Unfortunately , the host country  will always believe that immigrants take their Jobs , drain tax money  through social Services . It is understandable to think in this form , but does that make any sense !, if every country plan things well  :  like  proper documentations of immigrants , early Integration, as well as  setting  up annual quotas of immigrants in every year , everyone could benefit .

These foreigners take up to do  jobs which the citizens in the host countries would not want to do .  Host citizens might not understand that this helps producers and consumers,  as well as  lead to economic  growth . Arguements and fears have been expressed as to Immigration causing low wages, yes   this may result  , but  life is a cycle that goes round and round ,  the citizens will in the end benefit , as this might lead to  low Price of goods .

The western world are currently experiencing low birth rates and an increasing ageing Society .  immigrants could help sustain these ageing societies .

Ofcourse,  Immigration as is seen today is problematic for European states  as they were not prepared for so much number at a time. This have led to  increasing fears amongst host countries, as crime rate has increased  . Unfortunately, the Happenings of silvester night at  some German states left People wondering if it was worth having immigrants here  . This was a terrible incident  . Note ! not every Immigrant is criminally minded, these are just some groups of bad Boys.

With such cases  host countries should  do what is right, get those involved punished . There is a law and it is meant to be obeyed . Most of them come from  countries where terror  and men dominates and where laws are not respected. Europe has law, and it is up to you host countries .

It is the duty of every Immigrant as well as the citizens of the host lands to respect laws, because the world is simply tired of any Situation, or Group of People that will disturb the peace of the world .