We meet people everyday  .  Some with happy  faces and  some with miserable faces  , all with different messages and different stories to tell . You cant walk in their past , they cant walk in yours, we all go through our pains in different forms and at different times . Dont condemn  anyone  , we all have our  stories to tell, you may not understand , but that is  our life our Story, we will individually tell our story .

The Person you meet on the way has a Story . His/her smile may tell you a Story and his face may have some problems . There may be a broken past, disappointments, rejection , loss  unmended fences , unfulfilled dreams , and goals that were not attained.

Many people go about putting up make-ups, wearing masks. You will never get to know all, because everyone is different and everyone has a Story . Life account , events  have  made up that person`s life , dont bother, because only that Person can tell her exact  one that knows her own Story.

Be careful what you think about people , because you will never know their whole past  and you will never know how many times they have broken down in tears, have falling , and have been rejected .

Dont try to get angry or wander  , because you will never have the key to their past   . you would not know why she did what she did or said what she said , all you have to remenber  is that  someone with a past ,

before you judge my life , my past or my character, walk in my shoes , walk the path i have travelled  , live my sorrow, my doubts , my fear , my pain and my laughter , everyone has a Story , when you´ve lived my life then you can judge me – Hemant smarty-  unknown quotes –